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We deliver web development solutions that range from developing a static web page to complex web applications. We aim to provide scalable solutions in line with clients' needs because scalability can become a significant advantage for the project in the future. After all, it allows expanding the functionality of the project based on the business needs and objectives. The core of our development is the PHP Laravel framework.

Website development Dublin
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The front-end or back-end web development?

That's the question! You are probably not sure what these terms mean or which one you need. First, website development is the process of coding sites and web apps.

The front-end often called the "client-side", is focused on the coding and creation of components and features of a website that the user will then see. The front-end developers build elements like buttons, layouts, navigation, and animations and ensure the site is easy to interact with while running smoothly. They use languages such as HTML, CSS, SASS, JavaScript, and JavaScript-based web frameworks. The most popular are Angular, React, and Vue.js. Our favourite framework is Vue.js.

The other side of the web development is the back-end or often called the "server-side", because this part of the website users can't see.

The back-end web developers focus on building code that fetches data from storage called a database or stores data. The ordinary back-end languages are Ruby, PHP, Java, Python and .Net. These programming languages often run on frameworks that simplify the web development process. Our developers use the Laravel PHP framework.

We create a dynamic website by combining both sides of web development. That allows users to use contact forms, make purchases and any other interactive activities you can participate in while browsing the site.

Full-stack developers use the best of both worlds. Their work consists of both front and back-end features to create incredible applications.

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Our web development services

  • Our web development services - eCommerce websites

    eCommerce websites

    eCommerce and online payment solutions for your business are one of our web development services. We provide payment solutions tailored to your business, such as online shops selling products, services, courses or vouchers. The good news is that the grant of up to €2,500 from the Trading Online Voucher Scheme is still available.

  • Our web development services - Content management system

    Bespoke CMS

    We develop a bespoke content management system (CMS), allowing our customers to manage the content of their websites intuitively. Clients can create, modify, and delete content on their websites without the need for programming knowledge. If clients need a unique functionality, they ask for it. We can add it for them.

  • Our web development services - Blog section

    Blog section

    Also, one of our web development services is a blog section. A blog is a great tool that helps to increase the audience of the site and build your authority with potential customers. You can gain insight into what your customers are looking for by interacting via a comment section. Also, you can use a blog post to promote your products, services or special offers.

  • Our web development services - Multilingual websites

    Multilingual websites

    The part of web development is a multilingual option for the client's website. The multilingual feature helps to expand into new markets and gain customers abroad.

Tailored development

Tailored web application and website development

We develop tailored web applications according to clients' specifications based on their business objectives. The core of web development coding is the PHP framework Laravel with a bespoke database. All the software we built is scalable, which means it can be made with some functionality and grow with the company and its needs. This approach is appreciated and affordable, especially for start-ups and small businesses.

Tailored web application and website development
Our experienced web developers
Experienced team

Hire experienced web developers

With over a decade of web development experience, our developers build functional websites that surpass customers' expectations across all industries and sectors and help to reach clients' business objectives. Their goal is to create and develop beautifully designed and technically functional websites. Our portfolio consists of unique websites, including e-commerce and multilingual websites. We build tailored Content Management Systems (CMS) in line with the client's specifications.

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faqs answered

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to develop a website?

It depends on your specifications the requirements. Usually, when all company documentation for the site is received, developing an essential website (up to 7 pages) without featured add-ons takes up to two weeks.

Can you develop a website to my specifications?

Absolutely! All websites built by us are tailored to the client's specifications. Therefore, at the beginning of the web development process, we help our clients to specify requirements for a successful functional website. Then our web developers ensure the sites are built according to the specifications.

What platform will be used for my website?

We do not use third-party platforms such as WordPress, Drupal, or web design templates. Our web development coding core is the PHP framework Laravel, with a bespoke database tailored to every project.

Can you help me with the content for my website?

We offer excellent copywriting services, ranking your site better on search engines like Google or Bing.

Can I get my current website redesigned?

Of course! Website redesign is one of the things that we do very often. We love redesigning ancient sites into modern fresh-looking bespoke websites with improved functionality.

How long will my website be down while being revamped?

Your existing website will be live until the new website is complete. The new website, while being built, will be available on a temporary URL.

When my website is online, do you offer any maintenance or assistance?

Once the website is online, many businesses get busier. They do not have the time to update their site content. Therefore, we offer website maintenance and management service.

Do I need an SSL certificate?

Yes. It is recommended to have installed an SSL certificate issued for your website. The SSL certificate helps secure user data, prevents attackers from creating a fake web version, and gains user trust.